Plot: New York born girl, Valentivia, who is obsessed with becoming a star and Dallas born, Carono, who doesn’t care where life takes him both move to a school in Austin and become best friends. However, it’s never easy being the new kids.

Main Characters:

Valentivia Cania [Val-en-ti-vee-ah Can-ee-ar] – Head strong Valentivia knows exactly where she wants to be in life and how she wants to get there. She is determined, strong-willed and sometimes a little mean, but cares deeply about her newfound friends and will never intentionally hurt them.

Carono Viotena [C-ay-ron-oh Vee-oh-ten-ah] – Originally from Dallas, Carono is also new to the school. Despite being complete opposites, the two instantly become friends. He has a crush on Valentivia, but don’t tell her that.

Minia Marenco [Min-ee-ah M-ah-ren-s-oh] – Queen Bee of the school, Minia is the “it” girl. With the super cool boyfriend, cheerleader best friends and don’t forget, the super awesome parents. Loved by all the teachers and students, Minia definitely isn’t afraid to show her hatred to Valentivia.

Joeanon Lanestav [Joe-anon Lan-es-tav] – Girl bullied by Minia and her friends for her name, which comes from both her parents’ names, dislikes to see people hurt and willing offers to help the two new students. But helping them seems a little too hard.

Wexter McWexter [It’s like Dexter, but with a W] – Wexter is the school nerd. He is in love with Valentivia and Minia, leading him to often have to choose between the girls. However, both of them treat him badly and often use his smarts to their advantage.

Recurring Characters:

Omena Zabiniona [Oh-may-nah Zab-ee-n-ee-oh-n-ar] - Mania's dim-witted best friend who is always there to back Minia up non-stop. She often gets words confused and makes no sense, but makes up for it by being a loyal and true friend no matter what.

Lexter McWexter [Again, like Dexter with an L] - Wexter's annoying younger sister, Lexter is anything but the sweet young girl she is made out to be. In fact, she's the 12-year-old Minia.

Rono Tovonao [Ron-oh Toe-von-ay-oh] - Mania's boyfriend. He is smart, courageous, outgoing, handsome, sporty and the most loved person in the school - and those are his words!

Vame and Vane Cania [Va-may/Va-nay Can-ee-ar] - The brat younger sisters of Valentivia. They are extremely supportive of Valentivia, however are brutally honest 101% of the time.

Made it! Just, don't know what to call it or what to call the school.