Hi, Guys. I'm here to pitch a series. It's kinda based on Degrassi: The Next Generation but is more a preteen show than a teen show like Degrassi.


Adamston High features the life of a group of 6th graders and 7th graders in the first season.



  • Elliot Morgan - a 6th grader looking for love and wants to be popular.
  • Kelsey Jones - a 7th grader girl handling boy trouble.
  • Barry Lyles - a 7th grader and Kelsey's boyfriend that is rich.
  • Helena Lyles - a 6th grader and Barry's little sister that has a crush on Elliot.
  • Jonathan - a 6th grader and Elliot's best friend that is poor.
  • Jessica Billy - a 6th grader that is the smartest girl in the grade.
  • Leia Simpson - a 7th grader that is a Chearleader and Helena's best friend.
  • Nahar Ahmed a 6th grader that is a Muslim and is trying to be a perfect girl.
  • Billy Miles - a 7th grader that is a Bully and has a dream of becoming a basketball player.
  • Mr. Williams - Elliot, Helena, Jonathan, Jessica and Nahar's teacher.

Hope you like it.

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